I Mix & Match Perfect Skin Makeup Lab


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Apply with a sponge or your favorite makeup brush until the desired coverage is achieved. You can mix a few drops with one of the brand’s “make-up supplements” products to create your favorite personal texture.

A lab kit for creating formulas, textures and coverage levels for you to choose from. The kit contains: a rich and silky serum for the facial skin and neck that gives a soft and relaxed feeling over time. Enriched with peptides and antioxidant vitamins that raise the skin’s moisture level and protect it from environmental hazards. The serum is quickly absorbed and provides immediate relief from dryness thanks to the hyaluronic acid that enriches it. A professional formula primer for creating smooth, matte and perfect skin. Reduces the appearance of open pores, fills in dry lines and wrinkles and balances shine and oiliness in the skin. The formula is enriched with skin care ingredients, jojoba seed oil and antioxidant vitamins E + C. A glowing lotion to add shine and a particularly flattering look to the face and body. Contains bright minerals and aloe vera extract to soothe the skin. Suitable for all skin types. A unique concept of a transparent makeup-free foundation formula that provides countless makeup options. Recommended as a texture delicacy to dilute your liquid foundation formula and achieve a natural and radiant look. Can be mixed and combined with any formula of liquid make-up to create a “custom-made” texture that suits your skin’s needs. The formula is enriched with antioxidant vitamins E + C, botanical extracts of aloe vera and jojoba oil that soothe and nourish the skin. And five shades of liquid foundation in a durable professional formula with high coverage for all skin types. Enriched with jojoba seed oil and vitamins E + C. The moisturizing formula contains hyaluronic acid which ensures a soft and pleasant velvety feel to the skin while aloe vera extract soothes and softens it.


270 ml